Adventure is the debut studio album by Madeon. It was released on 30 March 2015.

The album comes in standard and deluxe versions. The standard version includes 12 tracks, featuring talent and vocals from Kyan, Dan Smith from Bastille, Passion Pit, Mark Foster from Foster the People and Aquilo. The deluxe version also includes previously released singles “Icarus”, “Finale”, “The City”, “Cut the Kid”, “Technicolor” and a bonus track in collaboration with Vancouver Sleep Clinic. The album will be supported by a new live show called Adventure Live, which debuted in April 2015.

Track listing

Standard edition
No. Title Length
1. Isometric”  1:20
2. You're On” featuring Kyan 3:12
3. OK”  3:01
4. La Lune” featuring Dan Smith 3:39
5. Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit 4:09
6. Beings”  3:35
7. Imperium”  3:18
8. Zephyr”  3:40
9. Nonsense” featuring Mark Foster 3:35
10. Innocence” featuring Aquilo 3:44
11. Pixel Empire”  4:04
12. Home”  3:45
Total length: 41:02
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
No. Title Length
13. Icarus”  3:34
14. Finale” featuring Nicholas Petricca 3:24
15. The City”  3:53
16. Cut The Kid”  3:17
17. Technicolor”  6:25
18. Only Way Out” featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic 3:46

Music VideoEdit

You're on Music Video

According to a press release, the premise of the music videos is as states: Set in a remote city, in an undefined future, Asteria is restless to see more of the outside world. She finds a friend in Icarus, who shared her desire of leaving.

"You're On" is the first video in a music video trilogy. The video follows a young woman, Asteria, through a futuristic city. She meets a young man named Icarus and together, they activate an object embedded in a wall. The video ends with a "To Be Continued" message, written in the Madeon alphabet. Leclercq has a brief cameo performing live with Launchpads.

The second music video in the trilogy was released for the third single "Pay No Mind" on 20 February 2015. The video follows Icarus and Asteria as they decode secret messages and find an escape from the futuristic city. They successfully find an exit out of the city, and are last seen outside the walls, heading towards the tower in the distance. The music video for "Pay No Mind" was released on Leclercq's newly created Vevo channel.

The finale of the trilogy, set to "Nonsense" follows Icarus and Asteria on a long journey through the desert to a tower reminiscent of that on the album artwork of Adventure. As they open the doors to the tower, the Madeon logo forms.

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