Asteria[1] is the first of the main protagonists of Madeon's Adventure music video series. She is portrayed by Felicia Holmgren.


"You're On"Edit

At the beginning of the music video, Asteria is living in a futuristic city. One night, she witnesses an unknown light coming out of a distant tower she had begun to draw, and her eyes widen as the light forms a diamond shape on the tower's top. She continues drawing even the next day, and as she is sitting on a bench doing so, she meets a young man (Icarus) with a similarly-shaped tattoo on the back of his hand.

Asteria's attempts to find him lead her to a club (where Madeon makes a brief appearance as a DJ playing Launchpads), and she soon sees him standing in the crowd. They lock eyes momentarily before he leaves, though she manages to follow him out of the club and to a wall next to a pool of water. Embedded into the wall is a plaque with the diamond symbol she had seen on the tower; she and Icarus then press it and stand back as light travels up the wall and forms shapes above them.

"Pay No Mind"Edit

Icarus and Asteria as they decode secret messages and find an escape from the futuristic city. They successfully find an exit out of the city, and are last seen outside the walls, heading towards the tower in the distance.


follows Icarus and Asteria on a long journey through the desert to a tower reminiscent of that on the album artwork of Adventure. As they open the doors to the tower, the story is end.


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