Icarus[1] is the second of the main protagonists of Madeon's Adventure music video series. He is portrayed by Oscar Lindblad.


"You're On"Edit

Icarus's Adventure diamond tattoo in the You're On video
As Asteria is sitting on a bench and drawing, she sees Icarus sitting nearby and notices a diamond-shaped tattoo on the back of his hand. He stands up and walks off soon after, though she manages to find him at a club later that night, which leads to him showing her a wall plaque in the same shape as his diamond tattoo. Together, they press it and watch as light travels up the wall.

"Pay No Mind"Edit

Following the encounter with the symbol, Icarus and Asteria continue to decode secret messages and observe the tower in which the latter had taken an interest. This leads to them discovering three more diamond plaques, which cause geometric cubes to float out of the tower and through the sky. One night, after Asteria realizes that the positions of the plaques form a larger diamond, she and Icarus head to its center, where they discover an escape route out of the city.


Icarus and Asteria, after leaving the city, travel across the desert and to the diamond-shaped tower. As they open its doors, it begins to glow, and the trilogy ends.



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