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File:Adventure.jpgFile:Alphabeat - DJ (Madeon Remix)File:Asteria.png
File:Asteria looking away in the You're On video.pngFile:Asteria looking out at the tower at night in the You're On video.pngFile:Asteria looking out at the tower in the You're On video.png
File:Asteria walking through the City in the You're On video.pngFile:B.pngFile:C.png
File:Community-header-backgroundFile:D.pngFile:Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)
File:E.pngFile:Ellie Goulding - Halcyon Days.pngFile:F-0.png
File:Felicia2.jpgFile:Felicia3.pngFile:Felicia Holmgren.jpg
File:Felicia and Director.pngFile:Finale.jpgFile:Findthediamond.png
File:For You.jpgFile:G.pngFile:H.png
File:I.pngFile:IMG 2909.PNGFile:IMG 2910.PNG
File:IMG 2911.PNGFile:Icarus's Adventure diamond tattoo in the You're On video.pngFile:Icarus.png
File:Icarus (song).jpgFile:Icarus and Asteria.pngFile:Icarus in the nightclub in the You're On video.png
File:Icarus in the nightclub in the You're On video (2).pngFile:Icarus sitting near Asteria in the You're On video.pngFile:Image-0.jpg
File:Isometric.jpgFile:J.pngFile:Japan Only EP.png
File:K.pngFile:L'interview de Madeon - C à vous - 02 04 2015File:L.png
File:M.pngFile:Madeon, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Alvin Risk.jpgFile:Madeon, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Dillon Francis.png
File:Madeon-cut-the-kid.jpgFile:Madeon - Adventure.jpgFile:Madeon - Adventure (Deluxe).jpg
File:Madeon - Beings (Audio)File:Madeon - FinaleFile:Madeon - For You
File:Madeon - Home (Audio)File:Madeon - ImperiumFile:Madeon - Innocence (Audio) ft. Aquilo
File:Madeon - La Lune (Audio) ft. Dan SmithFile:Madeon - Nonsense (Audio) ft. Mark FosterFile:Madeon - Nonsense (Official Video) ft. Mark Foster
File:Madeon - OK (Audio)File:Madeon - Only Way Out (Audio) ft. Vancouver Sleep ClinicFile:Madeon - Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit
File:Madeon - Pixel Empire (Audio)File:Madeon - ShurikenFile:Madeon - Technicolor
File:Madeon - The City (Official Video)File:Madeon - You're On (Live) ft. KyanFile:Madeon - You're On (ft. Kyan)
File:Madeon - You're On ft. Kyan (Official Video)File:Madeon - Zephyr (Audio)File:Madeon 01.jpg
File:Madeon 01.pngFile:Madeon and Kyan during the Pixel Empire Tour.jpgFile:Madeon and Lady Gaga.jpg
File:Madeon and Porter Robinson.jpgFile:Madeon and Porter Robinson (2).jpgFile:Madeon and Porter Robinson (3).jpg
File:Madeon and Porter Robinson against a white-and-yellow background.jpgFile:Madeon and Porter Robinson at the Microsoft Theater.jpgFile:Madeon and Porter Robinson by yasi.jpg
File:Madeon and Porter Robinson during an interview with MTV Japan.jpgFile:Madeon and Porter Robinson final words image by yasi.jpgFile:Madeon at Pandora Invasion on 30 July 2015.jpg
File:Madeon close up.jpgFile:Madeon diamond bullet.pngFile:Madeon feat Kyan " You're on" - C à vous - 02 04 2015
File:Madeon holding an Easter egg for Billboard in 2015.jpgFile:Madeon in 2016.jpgFile:Madeon live 01.png
File:Madeon papculture.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Bestival Toronto in 2016.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Coachella on 13 April 2012.jpg
File:Madeon performing at Djakarta Warehouse Project on 13 December 2013.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Global Gathering 2013.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Miami Beach's STORY in July 2016.jpg
File:Madeon performing at SMX Convention Center in Manila on 12 December 2013.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida on 16 March 2013.jpgFile:Madeon performing at Yost Theater on 22 July 2012.jpg
File:Madeon performing at the Bayou Music Center during Zedd's True Colors Tour.jpgFile:Madeon performing at the Great Saltair during Zedd's True Colors Tour.jpgFile:Madeon performing at the Great Saltair during Zedd's True Colors Tour (2).jpg
File:Madeon performing at the Microsoft Theater on 26 November 2016.jpgFile:Madeon performing at the South Side Ballroom during Zedd's True Colors Tour.jpgFile:Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon Remix)
File:O.pngFile:ORDER, CITY IS YOUR HOME FOREVER.pngFile:Oscar1.png
File:Oscar2.pngFile:Oscar3.pngFile:Oscar Lindblad with Madeon.jpg
File:P.pngFile:Panic Station.jpgFile:Pay No Mind.jpg
File:Pay No Mind (Remixes).jpgFile:Pendulum - The Island (Madeon Remix)File:Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Madeon.jpg
File:Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter.jpgFile:Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)File:Porter Robinson and Madeon.jpg
File:Porter Robinson and Madeon during Shelter Live.jpgFile:Q.pngFile:Que Veux-Tu (Madeon Remix).jpg
File:R.pngFile:Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix).jpgFile:S.png
File:Shelter Live Tour closing visuals.jpgFile:Shelter lyrics.jpgFile:Shuriken.jpg
File:Social 6-512.pngFile:T.pngFile:Technicolor.jpg
File:The City.jpgFile:The City EP.pngFile:The Island (Madeon Remix).jpg
File:The Night Out (Madeon Remix).jpegFile:The secret is inside the Pixel Empire.pngFile:Twitter.png
File:Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons.jpgFile:U.pngFile:Untitled2.png
File:WE SEE YOU, STAY HERE.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:YT.pngFile:Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)File:You're On (Remixes).jpg
File:You're On (feat. Kyan).pngFile:You're on Music Video.pngFile:Youtube-new.png
File:Z.pngFile:Zedd and Madeon.jpgFile:Zedd and Madeon at an airport.jpg
File:Zedd and Madeon during the True Colors Tour.jpgFile:Zedd talking to Madeon.jpg

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